RTI Licenses New Guifx Icons and Graphics

RTI Licenses Nexgen, CuracaoGuifx, today announced a new license agreement with Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI). Guifx will now be providing a customized version of their touch-panel remote template, “Curacao,” for RTI’s soon to be released T3-V remote. The new template is designed for Integration Designer Software with easy editing in mind.

Additionally, RTI has licensed Guifx’s new Nexgen Icon Set to integrate gaming system icons into their touch-panel design software. This new agreement brings an incredible value to RTI integrators. Both the Nexgen and Aero Icon Sets will now be available to RTI’s user base as a free download from the Guifx website.

“The relationship with RTI has been beneficial for both sides,” says Joe Peduto, Director of Business Development for Guifx. “Since our last licensing agreement we’ve distributed our products to a huge number of RTI users, and the graphics have been well received by both the touch-panel designers and their customers. If this new agreement shows anything, its that RTI is fully committed to bringing the best graphics to their integrator base.”

NOTE: The RTI Bitmap Library version of Nexgen works exclusively with RTI’s Integration Designer software.

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