Guifx Provides Graphics For Xantech

Guifx, designers of high-definition, user-friendly, graphical user interfaces, today announced they have been commissioned by Xantech to provide professionally designed graphics for two touch panels: the SmartPad LCD 3.9g and 6.4g version. The graphics are compatible with Xantech’s Universal Dragon Design software used for panel customization.

Guifx Loves Xantech!

For both the 3.9g and 6.4g hardware, Guifx has created a stylish, modern collection of buttons, source icons, and backgrounds. The package is available in blue, tan, and black themes. Xantech will push this Guifx graphic update package to their software users via an automatic update tool.

“The past year has been an exciting one for Guifx, and the new relationship with Xantech adds to the momentum that’s been building for months,” says Joe Peduto, Director of Business Development for Guifx. “We’re happy to have the opportunity to bring our graphics to such a major player in the touch panel industry. With every new commission of a custom graphic set, our designers have an opportunity to push the limits of a manufacturer’s hardware. We feel like we’ve accomplished that here.”

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