Crestron and AMX: Adaptation Available Now!

Crestron and AMX customers rejoice! Today we’re releasing our Adaptation design for both the VTPro-e and TPDesigner4 platforms. This is a big deal! Why? Because, this is the first Guifx designed release for Crestron and AMX in a long time – and for good reason. We’ve spent a truckload of time over the past several months putting together the most comprehensive collection of page layouts and user experience functions for use on simple to complex Crestron and AMX systems.
Adaptation for Crestron
This first thing you’ll notice about the new Adaptation releases is the level of thought put into the way a user navigates their touch-panel system. Global room navigation and “quick keys” allow instant access to functions like Ambience (lighting, climate, and environment), Security (cameras, and alarm monitoring), and Whole House for the control of house-wide functions. Adaptation, works perfectly in single-zone room applications and really shines when handling highly complex multi-zone systems.

Everything in Adaptation is customizable, if you don’t like the look or location of something, change it! Our convenient clip-board pages give you copy-paste access to all the graphics used in the composition of this template, so you can adjust with the tools the pros use. How did you live without this stuff?

Adaptation for CrestronAdaptation for AMX

As far as pages included in the templates, all the major controls are included (View them for Crestron and AMX). Here’s the list: Ambience (Environment), Cable-Satellite TV, CD/DVD, Climate, Curtains & Blinds, DVR, HD Radio, iPod, Keyboard, Lighting & Fans, Movie Server, Music Server, Presentation, Radio Tuner, Satellite Radio, Security General, Security Alarm, Security Cameras (Monitoring), Sources, Startup Home, Teleconferencing, TiVo, Video Conferencing, Whole House. Both Crestron and AMX have convenient pop-up pages for room/zone selection. Crestron customers alone have pop-ups for Microsoft Windows application support.

Head on over to the store and check out the new Adaptation releases as well as all the other Creston and AMX templates! We put a lot of work into these products and we cant wait to see what you think. Drop us a little feedback in the comments. G’day!

  1. This is so beautiful, how do I get it?

  2. Thank you for your compliments.

    This post is talking about the design for Crestron and AMX which can be found in our Store under “Templates” or click one of the buttons above. This design is also available for RTI (also found under templates) and as a Graphics Set found under “Graphics”. Enjoy!

  3. Nice job, this is looking really good!
    I hope to find time to cover this is in my German blog which is all about AV and Crestron.

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