Solar System Icons

Solar System Icons

13 Icons

By Dan Wiersema | © Guifx

Thirteen solar system icons inspired by objects in the Milky Way. Sun, Moon, 8 planets, and 3 dwarf planets.

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  1. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your work!

  2. You are very welcome! Thanks for taking the time to comment, it’s great to hear. :)

  3. Guys, once again great work, and just a little information for those who want to scale these to the actual planet size you can use this site to obtain ratios. Set Jupiter as your biggest planet and scale to the ratios calculated for the other planets.


  4. Thank you. Great Job and very generous.

  5. Hey Vincent, that is pretty neat! Thanks David!

    Also, I made some non-glossy versions of the icons. You can click here to download them. Enjoy! :)

  6. What are these for?…i dloaded them from apple but they won’t open. Is it screensaver?

  7. Hey Michael. The icons are available in 3 formats. The icons posted on Apple’s site are Mac formatted icon files (can only be viewed on a mac). The icons attached to the download button in the blog post above are PNGs (those can be used on any platform). I also created them in Windows icon format (which can only be viewed on Windows). Here’s all the links for your downloading pleasure. :)

    • Mac OS Icons (10.5 and above) [download]
    • Windows Icons [download]
    • PNGs (512×512) [download]

  8. Great job Dan.

    Those look awesome.

  9. Hey thanks Joey! :)

  10. What happened to the 16×16 pngs on 512×512 is waay too large for what I was using them for…

  11. Great set, much appreciated.

  12. very very fantastic icon colletion thank you for share for al the people

  13. Thank you very much

  14. Thanks everyone!


  16. Your blog is interesting! Keep up the good work!

  17. These look awesome – thanks for sharing!

    I think the Sun and Earth icons are screaming at me though – they’re saying “WE WANT TO BE ANIMATED!” :)

  18. Hi Dan…..Thank you very much for sharing your work this are very fantastic icons. More power to you. Mabuhay ka!

  19. Great Job on the icons! Very nice set.

  20. I’d like to use a couple of these icons on my website. I am a freelance software developer.

    How do I license them for commercial use?

  21. Hey Roberto. Send us a note with which icons you want to license and also how you plan on using them. You can do so, here:

  22. oh man, 30 aug is my birthday and you made this great icon!!!

  23. Wow–these are AWESOME! Great work man! :-)

  24. Thank you for these FANTASTIC icons! It will really help some of my up coming projects.

  25. Great icons! Thank you!

  26. Thank you for these! I love planet icons! These are beautiful. For those who just can’t get enough of planet icons, there is also the Aqua Planets by Te2 set. Keep making beautiful icons for us. Thanks again!

  27. Dan, Uda Man! I love these icons. I have been searching for the creator for some time now. Thanks for sharing your incredible work. There are so many ‘dinky’ icons out there, but your are definately a cut above the rest. Keep up the good stuff. Thanks!

  28. Hello!!! My english is not good….The icons “Earth and Sun” is corrupted. My computer is “iMAC CS4”.

  29. cool stuff. thanks a lot :)

  30. Great stuff!! Thanks for sharing and allowing us to download!!

    All the best!

  31. Olá, achei seus icones do solarsystem muito legais, mas ao baixá-los, teve dois que tiveram erro de abertura, o da “planeta terra” e o “sol”. Os demais permanecem inalterados. podem me encaminhar novos icones destes com problemas? Agradeço desde já, obrigado – ROCHELE MARTINS – BRASIL

    Hello, I found your icons of Solarsystem wallpapers, but to download them, who had had two open error, the “planet earth” and “sun.” The others remain unchanged. can send me new icons with these problems? Thank you now, thank you – ROCHELE MARTINS – BRAZIL

  32. Pretty nice. I’d love to see these NON-glossy!

    How about some icons of Jupiter (Callisto, Io, Europa, etc.) and Saturn’s moons!

  33. Thanks for making and sharing these. They’re awesome. :)

  34. thank you soooo much amazing icons .

  35. I love You planet icons so Much! Thank You!

  36. Your talent is outstanding. Congratulations.

  37. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing :}

  38. Gorgeous! Thank you!

  39. Hi! beautiful work!
    thanks for your generosity! :) really thanks!

  40. Wow! These are gorgeous! Can I use them in the free newsletter I send to readers? I write an astrology blog.

  41. Thank you very very much, simply GREAT :)

  42. This is my dream icon set! Thankyou!

  43. great job.I am just in search of this kind of icons

  44. Wow. These are spectacular!

  45. Real nice icons but Saturn looks a bit wrong.. the cloud bands should be on the same plane as the rings you see.

  46. Thanks a friggin lot for sharing! KEEP IT UP :)

  47. These are great. Thanks so much for sharing!

  48. Just simply stunning! The detail is jaw dropping … like WOW Scoob!

  49. Thank you. Fun AND geeky, I’m looking forward to decorating my directories.

  50. Wow! Stunning. Thank you for sharing these!

  51. Fab!

  52. Beautiful work, thank you for sharing.

  53. Thank you so much. These are great!!

  54. Thanks a lot! :)
    Great work

  55. These are gorgeous!

  56. These are beautiful, thank you! :)

  57. Thank you for ur work ~~!

  58. Most gracious thanks. Outstanding work.

  59. i´m so grateful, a very good job, just what i was looking for.

    A lot of thanks!!!

  60. These are stunning, thank you for sharing these beauties!

  61. These are fantastic. Thanks a lot for sharing them!

    Can these be used for any purpose (besides reselling and rehosting) like the other icons in your Freebies section?

    These are really cool.

  62. Thanks everyone. @Robert, these are for personal use only.

  63. These are truly beautiful. Would you give permission to use on a book cover for a free ebook later on with due credit ?

  64. @Rekha, these are available for personal use only. Thank you.

  65. these are beautiful.

  66. Perfect! Thanks so much :)

  67. cool…………….

  68. The effect around the sun, for the solar flares is really in another league… Good one Morgan…

  69. thanks heaps, they look awesome.

  70. Hi can these be used on a Schools website ? :)

  71. @kirsty, Sorry. No. These are for personal use only. We are not licensing these commercially at this time.

  72. Huge thanks! Incredibly beautiful icons!

  73. So beautiful ~ thank you Dan ~ very inspiring to look at on my desktop whilst I study astrology. Love & Light ~ emma

  74. GRAZIE

  75. These are really neat! Thanks! 😀

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