Top 5 Free Font Websites

To deliver our fonts to a wider audience, we decided to upload them to websites that distribute free fonts. During the process of sifting through the hundreds of good and bad free font websites, we realized that our research could be useful to others. We all love free fonts, but what are the best sites?

Without further notice, we present to you our top 5 free font websites, ranked 1 to 5, based on their features and ease of use (using a grading scale from 1-10, 10 being best). We also included our score of the site’s overall look and feel, though we didn’t count it towards the final ranking.


UrbanFonts takes top honors for several reasons. Its user interface may not win any awards, but it is clean and more attractive than most of the sites we came across. The navigation is consistent and user-friendly, including menus that don’t move around from page to page and a keyword-based search field. Perhaps our favorite parts of the site were the features found in its font previews. You can preview up to 48 fonts simultaneously with a preview bar that allows you to visualize the fonts by alphabet, font name, or by typing in your own message. Additionally, users can change the font and background colors. We tip our hats to you, UrbanFonts, for making our favorite free font website of all. Cheers.


9.5 Features/Usability  |  8.5 Site Design  |  8000+ Fonts




8.5 Features/Usability  |  6.5 Site Design  |  9800+ Fonts



Abstract Fonts

8 Features/Usability  |  5.5 Site Design  |  12300+ Fonts




7.5 Features/Usability  |  5 Site Design  |  8900+ Fonts



7 Features/Usability  |  9 Site Design  |  13000+ Fonts

  1. Found a new site called These guys have over 20k free fonts nicely categorized
    and what I really liked is the extended search they offer. You may search thru all character
    maps. I was trying to find fonts with Japanese characters. I simply selected desired character
    map, hit search and got fonts supporting them. Really cool and effective.

  2. My Favorite site is is simple and best 🙂

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