Guifx Skin for DVR Remote iPhone App

Guifx DVR Remote Skin

Two of my favorite gadgets are my iPhone and my TiVo Series3. DVR Remote [App Store Link], by Stutsman Software, is an iPhone app that controls compatible TiVo boxes over your wireless network using telnet commands that were originally written to support control systems like Crestron and AMX.

While DVR Remote won’t replace your regular remote, I find it useful when I step away. My remote just isn’t something I’d grab on my way off the couch — especially since it’s a tabletop touchscreen. But my iPhone is always on me. So now when I get up to grab the popcorn out of the microwave, I don’t have to surrender my ability to pause and fast-forward.

Last month, Stutsman Software released DVR Remote 2, which introduced support for skinning the app. Being that I’m in the touchscreen interface design business, you know what immediately came to my mind: The Guifx skin was born.

To install the Guifx skin, simply press the [ + ] button on the DVR Remote skins screen and enter the following url: The Guifx skin is the default skin on DVR Remote v3.0.

Special Note: I’d like to thank Derek Stutsman of Stutsman Software for promptly incorporating our request to add active states to DVR Remote’s skinning capabilities. Since the Guifx skin was the first to include active states, there was a minor bug that went unnoticed by the DVR Remote development team that will be fixed in DVR Remote 2.0.2. In the meantime, our down button incorrectly shows the up button’s active state when pressed. Just think of it as a temporary conversation piece.

  1. Very nice! I think I have a new favorite.

  2. Thanks, Jim. I’m glad you like it.

  3. Does this DVR remote only made to control the program or does it also all to control audio volume control. I am sorry I didn’t notice this element.

  4. Unfortunately no volume control, akulashashi. DVR Remote only has access to TiVo functions. The volume, input, and power buttons on your TiVo remote actually just send IR commands directly to your TV.

  5. Now if only it would control my DirecTV DVR’s……………………

  6. Please mention to people not to bother purchasing any application to control their TiVo from their iPhone if a Crestron system is already controling the TiVo via the network. I made this mistake.

  7. Thanks for the word of caution, Jean. Only one device can connect to the TiVo at a time so any combination of control systems connecting to the TiVo over the network will fail.

  8. This is interesting – I thought about doing something similar to this but heard that Apple had a constraint in the developer agreement that stopped the iPhone being used to remotely control devices.

  9. Thats a big 404, good buddy.

  10. @Derol. The server hosting it was rerouted yesterday by accident. It’s back online. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  11. Got it.
    LOVE IT!

    You guys are rulers!

  12. I LOVE IT

  13. the link isn’t working.

  14. @jay. You have to enter the URL from within the DVR Remote app. I hope this helps.

  15. @morgan yes I understand, but I keep receiving an “Invalid Skin URL” error. I have tried with both http:// and not even copied and pasted the url from your webpage into the app and it didn’t work.

  16. @Jay. I’m not able to reproduce your error. I’ll pass this on to the app developer and keep you in the loop.

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