Guifx v2 Transports Labeled Font

Guifx v2 Transports Labeled Font

58 Symbols

By Guifx

Based on Guifx v2 Transports, this TrueType font (TTF) has labeled icons which improves usability. A keyboard map of all symbols is included.

Download:Download TTF (MAC/WIN)
  1. I like….i like.

  2. Nice. Thanks guys!

  3. You guys are awesome.

  4. Very nice! It is still amazing to me the number of clients who do not identify the standard icons, and ask for additional labeling. These will be great.

  5. Great additions. Would love to see both the icon with all caps as well as mixed case (i.e. one with icon and PLAY and one with icon and Play). I’d probably use the mixed case version almost all of the time.

  6. Thanks guys !! My team will be highly grateful to your support to gui dev’ers.

  7. Ok, now you guys are reading my mind! Literaly I was sitting here working on a touchpanel thinking it would be great if there was an icon set that had the transport and text for those clients who dont understand the transport logos, then an email popped in my inbox. While I was uploading the tp I figured let me see what Morgan is up to now. Then I was blown away to see these Icons! Awesome, keep up the good work!

  8. These are very nice, great job.

    I’d like to suggest adding two-line telephone keypad characters as well (0, 1, 2-abc, 3-def, etc). Would be a great addition and it would eliminate a lot of messy stacked buttons to accomplish the same thing.

  9. These are great! I would like a “LIVE” button, and a “SELECT” or “OK” buton to go along with the navigation arrows. Also, what about a “PAGE UP” and “PAGE DN”.

  10. I second the motion for mixed case labels and the telephone buttons with the star and pound centered and sized to match the numbers

  11. Great! Absolutely Fontastic. Will use these in all of my upcoming designs.

  12. Video Conferencing controls – Camera, Content, Zoom+, Zoom-, Far, Near, Mic Mute, Home, Back, Directory, Call, Hangup, Backspace, Display, main cam, Doc Cam, Selfview, snapshot, Aux, PC, Menu, Delete, Store, Presets, etc

  13. I’m always amazed and how many clients don’t know the standard transport labels. This font will save lots of training time! Thanks guys.

  14. Wonderful! A real timesaver especially with Crestron panels. Once again, I find myself praising Guifx!

  15. Great. Saves me some work for sure!

  16. This is a great idea and has been needed forever. Thank you. I agree with the previous suggestions. My additional suggestions:
    Where you have a check mark icon you do not have an X icon.
    Also discrete POWER ON and POWER OFF icons.
    The traditional FFWD >> and REW < and SLOW and STEP <|.

  17. Great suggestions everyone. Thank you. Keep them coming.

  18. It looks great. I agree with Jason Finegan.

  19. Love it! How about Chapter and Track in addition to Skip?

  20. In addition to my previous requests for the original v2 font (Wireless signal levels, battery levels + charging icons, home icon, lights icon, backlight icon, & aspect ratio icon) I would also add a Lock/Unlock icon, and a snowflake icon similar to the fire icon (for HVAC).

  21. It’s difficult to provide multiple labels for each icon. Skip and scan, while not as ideal in all situations as FFWD, Chapter, or Track, are generic enough to work everywhere. I’d love more input on this topic.

  22. @Bryn. Thank you. Your requests are already in the works for an upcoming font.

  23. Morgan

    Many thanks for your work. We love all Guifx fonts and we had no problems to pay a fair price, too.
    But, in most of our programmings we have to use still some icons from the font-family “webdings”, “wingdings”, “wingdings 2” and “WP IconicSymbolsA”.

    It were a substantial improvement if we had the some of those icons, also avaliable in the Guifx2 font family.

    If this is interesting for you, we can suggest the relevant icons

    Regards from Germany

  24. @Klaus. Thank you. Let us know what you’d like to see. We’re interested in any and all suggestions.

  25. Great, can’t wait

  26. Morgan,

    These are great. I never realized how many people don’t recognize the standard icons for things like play, stop, pause, etc.

    My only request is that I wish you would have stuck to the same numbering scheme as your other fonts. 8 used to equal record. Now 4 is record and such. It would just make changing/upgrading easier. (I hate complaining about free stuff…sorry.)

  27. Thanks @Proxy1138. I hear ya. We considered keeping the mapping the same for easier upgrading, but decided in the end that it was better moving forward to improve it. I’m glad to hear you’re considering upgrading.

  28. It appears my comment never made it up, so I’ll repost it.

    What about leaving the “order” / “mapping” of the symbols the same as the previous version of this font? This way if we upgrade our panels, we don’t have to search for the symbol that we were just using.

  29. RELEASE NOTICE: If you participated in the beta release, it’s recommended that you redownload and install the final version.

  30. Love the labeled transports. Can you suggest another font (0-9, A-Z) that matches the labels, so I can have consistency across the panel?

  31. I would also second Casey’s comment regarding a standard font to match the one used for the labels. I need some standard DVD controls (like Menu, OK/Select, etc) and would like the font to be consistent.

  32. @Chris. Verdana is a close match.

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