Making a Menu Interface for a Fantasy-Themed iPhone Game

iPhone Game TutuorialWe created a tutorial for our friends over at Psdtuts+ titled “How to Make a Menu Interface for a Fantasy Themed iPhone Game”. Psdtuts+ is a Photoshop tutorial site that receives over 1.2 million monthly visitors and publishes some of the best tutorials on the net. We are honored that they asked us to create something for them, and we hope you enjoy reading Chris’ tutorial as much as we enjoyed making it.

Here is what’s covered:
In his tutorial, Chris creates a main menu interface for a fictional iPhone game. He goes through setting up Photoshop to accurately display target screen size, sets up a wire frame for the project, creates a background, makes a logo, designs rock texture for the sidebar and wood texture for the saved games-box and buttons. Finally, he adds greenery for detail and good measure. See the full tutorial here.

  1. Wow! Great tutorial….. 😉

    Love the tutorial from the 164.83 pixels/inch resolution to the CONCLUSION!! 😀

    Great work….

  2. like i said on the other sites m8. awsome im lost for words.

    PS: räksmörgås

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