Private Stock Icons

Private Stock Icons

25 Icons

by Guifx

Logos and icons from high-end manufacturers. Let us know if you’d like an icon made for your product.

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  1. Very nice! I like it

  2. I love these. I also love the “knob” tutorial post. I would like to see more of those posts! Keep up the great work!

  3. I really appreciate you providing some of your hard work for free!

    I am currently designing a touchscreen interface for my home theater and I would say that I’m proficient in Photoshop, enough to do all of the basics, but watching your tutorial makes it obviously that professional designers are on a whole other level.

    Can I make a suggestion that you may have considered already? I would like to see a UI kit for home use that is a bit more affordable. I’m sure companies have no problem paying $499 and above for a beautifully designed touchscreen UI, but there’s just no way I can afford that along with the touchscreen itself. Perhaps you can offer a kit more in the $99 range? You may be surprised at how many you sell for personal use. I’d also suggest breaking it down into packages. For example, I’ve got no problem making nice buttons and icons, but could use some sweet background and panel graphics. I’d order an assortment of those in a second.

    Again, much appreciated and please keep up the great work!!


  4. nando, are you brazilian? Great work you have there.

  5. ??

    very good!

  6. very nice and realistic icon set thanks

  7. Yes, very nice icons. Great work.

  8. First off, great job. You guys are amazing and your product quality is outstanding.

    I found it ironic that one of the fake companies (I assume they are fake) is called Fireball. I actually designed/published an entire line of computers under the brand “Fireball Computer”. My first revision to the line is on Youtube. (

    What is even more ironic is the typeface and even the logo…well, I guess I did something right if you guys did it. =)

    Thank you for all of your services.


  9. Nice icons! Thanks for sharing

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