Deana UI Kit Released

DeanaGive us 3 minutes and watch the User Demo Video on Deana’s page. We know you’re going to love it.

Deana was 2037 man-hours in the making. Special attention was given to streamlining multi-zone operation, maximizing flexibility, and making every element absolutely gorgeous. In the end, Deana is not only easy to work with, it’s easy to live with.

  1. Very nice GUI, but simply not something I would use with most clients. It’s too confusing unless they know what they’re doing. And well.. Most of our clients hardly know anything that’s related to A/V (and the controlling of it).

    However this is brilliant for the more advanced users. As they can go through things much much faster. And Access stuff they otherwise had to browse a lot for.

    Btw, 2037 man-hours, are you kidding me?! That’s ridonculous! Did you spent all that time on the mechanics behind it all? (Seeing as the icon sets are separate, as well as the elements)

    Also no AMX love?

  2. @Dutch. Thanks for your feedback. The icons and elements, even though we released them separately, were created for Deana, so they are included in the hours — everything received much love. The AMX version will be available soon 🙂

  3. @Morgan, no problem and good 🙂

    I must admit that I’m curious how well those buttons look on the actual screen. (the Dean buttons)

    Also, you don’t include those in the normal layouts, so how do you get buttons there? Or does the bundle simply have more of them?

  4. @Dutch. Everything you see in the previews is included. The bundle includes even more icons — the complete Byron and Ozzy sets.

  5. Great work on the interface flow. I like the minimalist button count. It should work well on small 800×480 screens and scale well on larger ones. The only thing I could see doing different is the order of choosing and action then the room form the example. Maybe have if default to the local room if possible and skip the extra selection menu. Adding another step to select extra rooms isn’t that big of a deal for most people. I have maybe 1 account that sends the same music to more than 1 zone.

  6. @Lathan. Thanks for your feedback. You could easily skip the room selection step and default to the local room if you prefer. The UI Kit is very flexible in this way.

  7. Not crazy about the Dean design, but it’s really good to see GuiFx creating solutions for more advanced systems like this. I think it gives you a much better starting point than any other template for a modern Crestron system. I’m not sure the navigation is perfect but it has me rethinking some things for sure. Not being able to control individual lighting scenes in other rooms could be an issue, I’m guessing climate is designed the same way – or is it designed to pop-up the room controls when you select another room?

    One question though, how does it handle the volume/feedback when multiple zones are selected?

  8. @Bryn. Thanks for your feedback. I encourage everyone to make suggestions on improving the navigation and to let us know what workflow problems you face day to day. Deana offers an easy to use multi-zone solution out of the box, and is flexible enough for programmers to go wild with their imagination. I’ll prepare some documentation on some possible lighting and climate workflows and get it posted soon — a living document of solutions. Volume/feedback is intended to be tied to the local zone.

  9. the demo was some cool stuff to look at, and i like how easy u made the system for ppl. sa that it was the skin that lance did.


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