Poll: New Design Concept, Tell Us What You Think


  1. Great work and I like it. It might have a limited marketability though because of the wood grain. But overall, nice color coordination.

  2. Hello
    It looks really amazing and I like its wooden look design.This is something different from others.Thank you..

  3. Great work guys, c’mon there are more touchscreens out there than Crestron!

  4. I think on the “select an activity” screen, the icons are too close; there’s little space between them and to the left and right of their container, but an awkwardly excessive amount of space above and below them

  5. Thank you for participating. We are going to produce Victoria and your comments are sure to make her better. Available immediately though are her elements, Victor. Enjoy 🙂

  6. Your designs bespeak your herritage as graphic designers who don’t code. They are elegant but inefficient. I would not want a lighting template like yours. You slider is wonderfully tactile but i prefer a template that allows me to use the same set of load control sub-pages that I dynamically control. Even in a on/off GUI I’d rather populate the number and name dynamically. Fewer graphics means less upload times.

    Your wares would benefit from a relationship with a coder. Otherwise they are pretty pictures but not much of a touch panel design.

    The design is elegant. I hate your naming menu selections “activities.” There is nothing “active” in making menu selections. I’m sure I’m in a minority in this. Yet it suffers from the too typical design flaw of being too regular and too symetric. Buttons are all rectanglar and more or less all of equal size. Borders are also the same size. I prefer a design that situates round and rectaugular buttons on an irregular shaped border. I also prefer more colorful icons to the monochromatic files you are using.

    It’s a pleasing template. But there is so much in its GUI navegation that I dislike. I don’t like the idea of distributing sources from the source control page. Once you are at the source conrol page you control the source. You distribute it from an other page. I’d rather have header and footers (top and bottom menus ) then your selection page. It is not unusual I’ll go from source selection t lighting and from lighting to HVAC before I go back to source control. This is better accomplished in a top/bottom menu GUI.

    It’s very pretty but I don’t find it very functional. Do you use the designs you create? Or are they just products that go from computer to web site?

  7. Great work and I like it.

  8. To me detail is everything, one thing that I like most, is the double dots on the edge of each button… classy…

  9. Great work! I could use it as a reference to my upcoming school assignment!

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