Touch Screen Icons

Private Stock Icons

12 Icons

by Guifx

Twelve icons of touch screen devices that changed the world during nearly four decades from 1972 to today.

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  1. Great idea and perfect realisation 😉 Congratulations guys!

    Featured on Guipulp 😉

  2. are they free to use for commercial projects

  3. @Ahsan. These are available for personal use only. Thank you.

  4. iPad changed the world? Na, don’t think so.

  5. @Gianchy Yeah, pretty much did. Like the iPhone before it, the iPad belongs here. name another successful touchscreen driven device which sucked sales away from low-end-laptops/netbooks, or impacted sales/popularity such that production became the bottleneck over demand. I thought so.

  6. @AngryLemming Big difference between being a commercial success and changing the world

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