Victoria UI Kit Released

VictoriaOur Victoria Crestron UI Kit is now available. 392 Guifx fans voted in favor of us producing this work of functional art. We’re even including 6 gorgeous themes — you’ve simply got to see them in action. Whether you prefer the woodgrain or the soft-wash finish, they’re beautiful. Victoria will also be available for AMX.

  1. Are you guys going to be creating templates that work with our CommandFusion guiDesigner software sometime soon?

    I know many of our customers would love to use your templates! Love the many looks this template has with a quick bg change. Great work.

  2. @Jarrod. Thanks for your interest. Feel free to contact me any time for more information.

  3. Now that Crestron’s new panels are using Flash, will your UI kits be available for that soon too?

  4. The iPad UI is awesome. Am i allowed to say Kick @ss? Because Victoria is a Kick @ss template. The different wood finishes are great and the wash finishes should please those who were not fond of the wood.

    I urge those who are reading this to be sure and click the PDF icons next to the different resolutions so that you can see all the cool features and the different background finishes.

  5. Greg, Morgan.. anyone.. 🙂

    What do you think the time line is for Crestron dealers to start using Flash UI’s? Obviously those with a graphics guy on staff will jump on board early but those guys aren’t really buying templates anyway i don’t think.

    My guess would be 6 months after the 3 series processors are being installed. What do you guys think?

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