Poll: New Design Concept, Tell Us What You Think


  1. Um. You guys are way better than this! Stay away from trying to look like vista/windows7 or any OS for that matter.

  2. I think it looks great and it’s consistent with Guifx’s latest offerings. It seems like the next logical step for Oscar.

    Gautch, you have to keep in mind that Guifx is trying to create a product that will be easy to operate, popular and familiar to a wide variety of users. They are not trying to win an originality contest. Oscar is no more a ripoff of an operating system than any of the thousands of other UI designs out there today that are simply in line with what’s popular.

  3. While I love the Oscar template, and have been able to modify it for my own purposes, I think too much transparency will cause issues for my clients. Having strong contrasts and guide-points for the user is very important for work-flow and then the user’s experience. The new icons are interesting, and still, I’m looking forward to seeing the upgrade.

  4. Oscar (Oasis) was/is a popular template. I see it everywhere. Updating the paint job is a great idea.

  5. Overall it looks good…not a huge departure from V1.0, and that’s fine. I really do NOT like the home icon…it always looks out of place(in victoria as well). I think we need some alternates.

    Are all the buttons going to be translucent? I would like to see an updated version of the current buttons in V1.0 with green and white(maybe blue?) LED indicators in the upper right hand corner for ON state. (just like what is possible with logo tools).

    I like to use the largest LIST possible on screens for satellite radio, ipod, etc. If I have purchased the bundle, I’ll usually use a 8″ list for a 6″ panel. That said, it would be nice to have a couple “list sizes” within each gui for those that may only buy one size.

    Looking forward to the upgrade….


  6. It seems like it’s a half hearted effort and as previously stated, way to Windows like. It reminds me of the Windows/Playskool interface.

    I know you guys have a lot of talent but it’s not showing in Oscar 2.0.

  7. It looks from these 3 screenshots like it could take a TON of button presses to accomplish anything. How many buttons do you have to push to select an activity thats on page 3? Somehow you have to get to the activities page, then scroll right twice, then select the thing, then actually do something with it? Is there a reason you’re designing this for only 3 activities a page?

  8. I really like the upgraded look. It is very clean, sleek, and sexy!! I like the fact that it is very versitile as well. I am much more apt to utilize this design over the previous as we are solely a commercial integration house so we do not require most of the residential “fluff” but this is great balance!! I am a little confused as to how you adjust the volume though. I do not see volume up or down buttons and I would hate to have to go to another page just to adjust the volume. Volume cotrol and lighting control need to be made available on EVERY page IMO. I like it a lot, keep up the great work guys!!

  9. I like it. I can’t wait for it to be available for rti.

  10. I’ve only used this in RTI, but it seems popular with our clients. I’m hoping some of these updates will make it into the new ID release this summer.

  11. I don’t really like having activities spread across three pages. I would prefer smaller icons and more choices.

  12. I like the overall theme in general, but I agree with some of the other comments.

    I think more activities on a page will definitely reduce the number of steps to accomplish anything.

    I also like translucency, but there can be too much. I prefer traslucency for backgrounds and having more contrast for the main interactive parts of the panel.

  13. The repaint is good…I have exactly the opposite concern vs. David Abrams. I find the current buttons too small for our customers and need a better spread. 800X600 on 12″ works fine and probably will be okay on the 9″ panels but the 640X480 and 320X240 buttons are too small for those over 40. I also find the contrast and readability to be entirely different on actual panels vs. the LCD screen. For instance the translucent buttons and grey over blue text reads okay on the monitor but I bet is not very readable on a TP…

  14. Activities Icons too big. Translucency on the buttons is nice but I agree it doesn’t contrast enough with the background and text. The Page header along with the 2 footers take up way too much touch screen real-estate leaving little room for controls. The Home, Security, lights, climate footer would work better as a side bar on the left.

  15. @ David, The package includes smaller icons which I normally use on my projects.

  16. Just bought Deana yesterday… so unlikely to buy Oscar anytime soon…

  17. Hi all:

    I have a feeling that there isn’t enough contrast between foreground and bg here and I would suggest that you correct that. Otherwise, I do agree it’s a little windows-like, but don’t think that’s a bad thing necessarily.


  18. I kind of agree with the last few comments, in that I feel like it’s a bit monochromatic. Everything is blue, I would like it better if there was a bit more deviation in that regard. Maybe just as simple as modifying the background color a bit.

  19. I agree with W, my first impression was not enough contrast. I hate to diss you guys, because your work is usually brilliant, but this design is just boring. Reminds me of early TIVO.

  20. I voted NO, but I can’t say its bad and wouldn’t be appealing to some clients. I think it lacks the elegance that the Victor/Victoria style has.

  21. It looks great and fits well for a residential system, not so good in commercial (and my reason for voting no).

    I don’t care for the page navigation and had to jump through hoops to make the “Home” button flip back to the correct “Activities” popup for the recently selected source.

    What happened to the “Room Selection” and “Power Off”?

  22. Looks generally nice but washed out. On a touchpanel it will be worse.

  23. I like the changes, clients complained about the tabs. They definitely like having all source control buttons on one page. They seem to like the graphics but not the floating graphics so much. They seem to prefer having definitive buttons to push.

    So all in all I like the changes, I’ll update my personal graphics as soon as thus update arrives!

  24. I like the update. I’m using the current version in commercial applications and my clients have possitive comments for it.
    My only complaint is that it looks like you’ve removed the “tabs” from within a device. Having KEYPAD, TRANSPORTS, and FAVORITES as tabs seemed more intuitive. Now they look like buttons that should do something on the device.

  25. As others have pointed out before, the contrast between the buttons and the background doesn’t seem to fit perfectly here.
    Maybe you could post a shot with a different/darker BG to see if it makes it better.
    The refresh itself is tasteful as all the stuff coming from you guys!
    Thanks for sharing!

  26. I like the over all look. What size of panel is this for. I see these shown on larger panels 6″ and up. That being said why are we making our clients go to multiple screens for functions they use a lot. This I see all of the time on your DVR interfaces. These sizes of panels have the real estate for the numeric and navigational control to be shown at the same time. To me the header could be smaller, put the play and control functions in a line across he top or bottom and put the keypad in the box in the middle. I also agree that you shouldn’t have to scroll thru multiple pages to select an activity. You should have the ablitity to put 6,8, or 10 activities on one screen.

  27. This looks like a generic Vista interface. I like your other work much better.

  28. Would like to see a bit more contrast and less wasted space up top.

  29. Very very very gooooood ! 😀

  30. Does the Master Volume bring up a gauge of some sort? I like the dashboard at the bottom but not having immediate access to volume control (on a panel without hardbuttons obviously) would be frustrating.

  31. The lower bar looks better, but the general buttons are unclear compared to the earlier version.

    The volume isn’t good this way, and there’s no power button.

    Honestly the old buttons could use an update. But this ‘glassy’ look isn’t as good. Or rather it’s unclear. Especially because you changed the tabs into buttons.

  32. Looks nice. A bit blurry though. While this is a great theme, I much prefer the solid element packs, like Dean and Victor.

    The layout is okay. The size required for touchscreen elements is a bit limiting, I understand. The TV layout is quite unintuitive, I’m afraid.

    But man…the elements look awesome. I’d still prefer the others (just because of style, not quality), but this really looks good.



  34. For me it lacks the right emotion for what it represents. While it certainly looks functional…so are Toyota’s. I think the floating icons look disconnected.

  35. Like Tim, I feel the floating icons like the transport controls feel disconnected. While the elements look great, a search across the web would seem to produce similar results if you drop a button style on the screen. It would be hard for me to justify paying for this one.

  36. Hey Morgan:

    How close are we to the release of 2.0???


  37. Hi Morgan,
    What I love most about it is the clean look of it!
    The transparent buttons and the background gives it awesome feeling to it. Best of all is that, we try and use fancy fonts to create a unique look, yet this looks like Arial and it looks so sophisticated.

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