Deana iPad UI Kit Released

Deana offers end users unprecedented ease of use with simple, intuitive navigation, and an elegant design. Now, through Crestron’s Mobile G iPad application, users have access to their distributed audio, video, and whole-house climate, lighting, and security systems from virtually anywhere in the world.

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  1. I think it’s unfair for you to sell the public a theme and then later sell the same theme to manufacturer that then gives it away for free with their product.

    I purchased part of your deana theme for use on my crestron systems. I spent $500 on the size that I bought with intention to by more sizes as I needed them.

    I was considering buying the additional sizes now that I need them, but i kind of feel betrayed.

    My clients have this really nice theme that we gave him for crestron, and he can now see the exact same theme on RTI pro remotes. The cost difference in control systems is huge but the client will see them as equal because of interface.

    I think that it’s not fair to sell your themes to end users like me and then license the same theme to RTI. RTI should have themes that are dedicated to them.

    I no longer can justify paying that much for a theme from you if the themes do not stand out from the lower end control systems out there.

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