High Quality Room and Location Icons (+1 Free)

TempThe Ozone Icon Set is a gorgeous photo-realistic set that supplies you with a large variety of room and location icons for use in your projects. This much-requested set provides great touchable targets and adds color and visual cues for ease of use. …
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Oasis Template Released for Crestron and AMX

TempAs soon as the panel lights up, the ease of use of Oasis is immediately apparent. With its big, colorful source icons and clearly labeled buttons, even a novice will feel comfortable controlling all aspects of the system.

For a limited time, we are offering a …
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Gloss – Ultimate Icon Collection Released

TempGloss is the ultimate icon collection. With 199 symbols in four different styles, it gives you nearly 800 icons to use in all your projects. Whether you’re working with a dark, light, minimal, or even a chaotic background, there’s a style in this pack that has you covered. …
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Uiology: The Forgotten Confirmation

Sometimes we ask users to confirm their actions. This makes sense in any situation where the action is not easily undone. Powering down a complicated audio/video system, for example, can take minutes to bring back online which would be frustrating if done by accident. OK. That makes sense, right? I mean, we’ve been doing this […]

New Background Set – Tara

About 6 months ago, we released an all new product category named Background Sets. Since that time, Background Sets has become one of our most popular product categories. We’ve gotten back a ton of positive feedback and some much appreciated suggestions for future sets. We’ve listened and we’re happy to present to you, Tara, 8 […]

The Evolution of the Touch Panel Cursor

The Simple Cursor The Simple Cursor is the most basic of all cursor controls and consists of 5 buttons representing up, down, left, right, and select. Each button can have a different image for inactive and active states totaling 10 images. A separate background image can also be incorporated. This works well on simple designs […]

Crestron and AMX: Adaptation Available Now!

Crestron and AMX customers rejoice! Today we’re releasing our Adaptation design for both the VTPro-e and TPDesigner4 platforms. This is a big deal! Why? Because, this is the first Guifx designed release for Crestron and AMX in a long time – and for good reason. We’ve spent a truckload of time over the past several […]

Guifx Provides Graphics For Xantech

Guifx, designers of high-definition, user-friendly, graphical user interfaces, today announced they have been commissioned by Xantech to provide professionally designed graphics for two touch panels: the SmartPad LCD 3.9g and 6.4g version. The graphics are compatible with Xantech’s Universal Dragon Design software used for panel customization. For both the 3.9g and 6.4g hardware, Guifx has […]

RTI Licenses New Guifx Icons and Graphics

Guifx, today announced a new license agreement with Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI). Guifx will now be providing a customized version of their touch-panel remote template, “Curacao,” for RTI’s soon to be released T3-V remote. The new template is designed for Integration Designer Software with easy editing in mind. Additionally, RTI has licensed Guifx’s new Nexgen […]

Background Sets: Available Now!

This morning, we released 3 products in an all new category called Background Sets. Guifx Background Sets, are a collection of hi-res images that were meticulously chosen to kick your ordinary looking touch-panel designs into a whole new dimension. Our new Background Set products are named Celestial, Digital, and Natural. Check them all out – […]